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The Public Theater
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Grief
Pictured above:
Opal Alladin, Lauren Ambrose, Camryn Manheim
With Opal Alladin, Lauren Ambrose, George Bartenieff, Ari Brand, Anthony Carrigan, Dan Colman, Michael Cristofer, Tiffany Danielle, Seth Duerr, Quincy Dunn-Baker, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Christian Felix, Brian Tyree Henry, Susan Hyon, Oscar Isaac, Alexander Lane, Camryn Manheim, Orville Mendoza, Owiso Odera, Jeffrey Omura, Lucas Papaelias, Austin Pendleton, Alex Podulke, Mary Rasmussen, Cornelius Smith, Jr., Alexander Sovronsky, Timothy D. Stickney, and Christopher Evan Welch
Scenic Design by Mark Wendland
Costume Design by Emilio Sosa
Lighting Design by Donald Holder
Composer – Michael Friedman
Sound Design by Acme Sound Partners
Fight Director – Rick Sordelet
Choreographer – Sergio Trujillo
Production Stage Manager – Michael McGoff
Photo © Michal Daniel, 2007