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Michael Stuhlbarg as Hamlet, Sam Waterston as Polonius in HAMLET
The Public Theater at the Delacorte
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Oskar Eustis
Starring Sam Waterston as Polonius, Michael Stuhlbarg as Hamlet, Lauren Ambrose as Ophelia, Andre Braugher as Claudius, Margaret Colin as Gertrude, David Harbour as Laertes, Kevin Carroll as Horatio, Hoon Lee as Rosencrantz, Piter Marek as Bernardo and Fortinbras, Greg McFadden as Guildenstern, Julio Monge as Osric and Francisco, Paul O'Brien as Voltemand and Priest, Gilbert Owuor as Marcellus, Jay O. Sanders as Ghost, Gravedigger and Player King, and Miriam Silverman as Player Queen, the ensemble comprises Christopher Bonewitz, Bruce Cannon, Matt Carlson, W. Tre' Davis, Emily DeCola, Stephen James King, Erin Orr, Dana Lyn and Michael Schupbach
Scenic Design by David Korins
Costume Design by Ann Hould-Ward
Lighting Design by Michael Chybowski
Sound Design by Acme Sound Partners
Photo © Michal Daniel, 2008