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Brandon Jovanovich is the Prince and Alison Bates is the Foreign Princess
in the Minnesota Opera Production of
Conductor: Robert Wood
Stage Director:  Eric Simonson
Choreographer: Mathew Janczewski
Set Designer: Erhard Rom
Costume Designer: Karin Kopischke
Lighting Designer: Robert Wierzel
Projections Designer: Wendall K. Harrington
Wig and Makeup Design: Jason Allen and Ronell Oliveri
Assistant Director: Bill Murray
Rusalka, a water nymph: Kelly Kaduce
The Prince:  Brandon Jovanovich
Vodnik, a water gnome: Robert Pomakov
Jezibaba, a witch: Dorothy Byrne and Christin-Marie Hill
A foreign princess: Alison Bates
A hunter: John David Boehr
Three dryads: Andrea Coleman, Katherine Haugen and Karin Wolverton 
Dancers: ARENA Dances
Wood nymphs, water sprites, guests at the castle, servants, hunters
Photo © Michal Daniel, 2008