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Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Directed and Choreographed by John Command
Scenic Design: Bain Boehlke
Costume Design: Kathy Kohl
Lighting Design: Barry Browning
Sound Design: Sean Healey
Musical Direction: Raymond Berg
Property Design: John Novak
Assistant Director: Christine Fournier
Assistant Choreographer: Kirby Trymucha-Duresky
Stage Manager: John Novak

THE CAST (in order of appearance):
Officer Lockstock: Bradley Greenwald
Penelope Pennywise: Kersten Rodau
Bobby Strong: Patrick Morgan
Little Sally: Elisa Pluhar
Hope Cladwell: Tiffany Seymour
Mrs. Millennium/Poor Woman: Betti Battocletti
Cladwell’s Nurse/Poor Woman: Kim Carlander
Joseph ‘Old Man’ Strong/UGC Staff/Cop/Poor Man: JP Fitzgibbons
Poor Woman: Larissa Gritti
Dr. Billeaux/Poor Man/Cop: Josiah Gulden
Robby The Stockfish/Cop/UGC Exec #2: Rico Heisler
Josephine ‘Old Ma’ Strong/UGC Staff/Poor Woman: Seri Johnson
Tiny Tom/Cop/UGC Exec #1: Adam Bradley Moore
Poor Woman: Danielle Nelson
Little Becky Two-Shoes: Jodi Tripp
Soupy Sue: Kirby Trymucha-Duresky
Hot Blades Harry/Cop: Randy Schmeling
Billy Boy Bill/Cop: Jon Michael Stiff
An Old Woman/UGC Staff: Therese Walth
Caldwell B. Cladwell: Gary Briggle
Officer Barrel: Jon Whittier
Senator Fipp: Carl Schoenborn
Mr. McQueen: David Ulrich

Music Director, Keyboards: Raymond Berg
Reeds: Andrew Nelson
Brass: Ben Bussey
Bass: Eric Solberg
Percussion: Sean Pierce

Production Manager: Barry Browning
Technical Director: John Stillwell
Carpenters: Brent Anderson, Matt Erkel, Wu Chen Khoo, Kent ‘Boris’ Kilmer, Rosanna King, Collin O’Brien, Allana Olson, Natascha Plouffe, Dave Solmonson, Nancy Waldoch
Master Electrician: Wu Chen Khoo
Electricians: Emily Blondek, Ray Steveson, Andy Kedl, Bill Cassidy, Nathaniel Stanger
Charge Painter: Samantha Johns
Painter: Steven Horstmann
Wardrobe Manager: Mary Farrell
Stitchers: Mary Farrell, Carol Michels
Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Hawkinson
Production Interns: Charlie Haakenson, Michael Kocken, Robb Krueger, Audrey Thayer, Shannon Twohy

Photo 2013 © Michal Daniel