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The Jungle Theater production of The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Bain Boehlke
Set design - Bain Boehlke
Costume Design - Matthew J. Lefebvre
Lighting Design - Barry Browning
Sound Design - Sean Healey
Fight Choreography - Peter Moore
Stage Manager - John Novak
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Hugh Kennedy
Claudius, Brother to the lade King Hamlet - Bradley Greenwald
Queen Gertrude, widow of King Hamlet, now married to Claudius - Michelle Barber
Polonius, Father of Ophelia and Laertes, councilor to King Claudius - Gary Briggle
Laertes, Ophelia's brother - Doug Scholz-Carlson
Ophelia - Erin Mae Johnson
The Ghost - Phil Kilbourne
Horatio, Hamlet's friend and confidante - Paul Rutledge
Francisco, Player Prologue, Sailor, Retinue, Traveler, Gala Guest, Pallbearer, Servant - A.J. Longabaugh
Bernardo, Messenger, Guard, Stagehand - Michael Chappo
Marcellus, Stagehand, Attendant, Guard, Pallbearer - Ryan Henderson
Rosencrantz - Brad Kastendick
Guildenstern - Peter Middlecamp
Osric - Christopher Kehoe
Player King, Retinue, Traveler, Singer, Pallbearer - Brandon Ewald
Player Queen, Retinue, Traveler, Gala Guest - Sara Truesdale
Player Lucianus, Retinue, Traveler, Gala Guest, Sailor, an Other - Neal Beckman
Doctor, Retinue, Traveler, Player, Gala Guest - Wayne Windschitl
Retinue, Traveler, Gala Guest - Rebecca Cho
Retinue, Flight Attendant, Gala Guest - Hannah Holman
Retinue, Traveler, Stagehand, Gala Guest - Megan Reichle
Retinue, Flight Attendant, Gala Guest - Michelle Schwantes
Retinue, Server, Gala Guest, Pallbearer - Lydia Thoreen
A Gravedigger - Gary Briggle
Reynaldo (video) - Josiah Gulden
2011 © Michal Daniel