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The Jungle Theater production of HITCHCOCK BLONDE
By Terry Johnson
Directed by Joel Sass
Heidi Bakke as Nicola
J. C. Cutler as Alex
Mikki Daniels as The Blonde
Eric Knutson as The Husband
Tom Sherohman as Hitchcock
Craig R. Anderson as Young Hitchcock
Antonette Trussoni as The 1919 Blonde
Set Design by Joel Sass
Assistant Director Carolyn von Hauck
Composer Greg Brosofske
Lighting Design by Barry Browning
Costume Design by Ricia Birturk
Film Design by Mike Hanisch
Sound Design by Sean Healey
Technical Direction by Wu Chen Khoo
Fight Choreographer Doug Scholz-Carlson
Stage Management/Properties by John Novak
Wardrobe by Sondra Veldey
Stitcher Kathie Drake
Carpenters & Electrician John Bartley, Kristin Larsen,
Brian McClear, John Stillwell and Ray Steveson
Costume Intern Allison Danzl
Production Interns John Ahrens, Jamie Hultgren,
Chris Kuhn and Mark Rehani
Photo 2009 © Michal Daniel